Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey Vintage Bourbon Tasting Notes

Fall 2011 Vintage SOLD OUT

Dark and rich amber color. A fall sunset. #1 Yellow Dent corn. Full bodied from single, slow distillation and maturation in Texas’ hot climate. Vanilla and oak on the nose. Heavy and thick mouth feel, oozing with butterscotch and caramel. Rich character and long finish. A hearty wintertime after-dinner bourbon. Great straight up for dessert! 
Suggested retail price: $89.95

Spring 2012 Vintage SOLD OUT

Orange and amber shine and color. Lighter body. Organic Panhandle White corn. Smoky butterscotch and maple syrup nose, caramelized brown sugar sweetness on the tongue, A crisp, delicate finish. Toasted marshmallows. Buttery cinnamon toast. Real butter. A lighter, more elegant bourbon. Great straight or with a splash of soda over ice.
Suggested retail price: $84.95

Fall 2012 Vintage SOLD OUT

Far and away our most unusual vintage. Plenty of what the Japanese refer to as Umami: a rich syrupy finish that coats the palate and warms your entire body. Typical rich, velvety, butterscotch-laden mouth-feel that Garrison Brothers drinkers have come to expect. But something new too: a smoky, hazelnut and brown sugared-butternut squash taste. This release is the oldest bourbon the distillery has introduced. Most barrels were over three years old.
Suggested retail price: $79.95

Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon™ SOLD OUT

Uncut. Unfiltered. Glistening orange, chocolate and crimson colors. Steamy rodeo cowgirl perfume. Velvety brown sugar- and caramel-filled gushers candy. Buttered waffles. Maple syrup, brown sugar, sweet gumbo roux. Warm sweetness overcomes the pain. Finishes long with hints of chocolate, cocoa powder and black licorice. Enjoy straight up or with just a splash of soda or water but ALWAYS in moderation. Barrel proof (135.9) can be dangerous for the uninitiated.
Suggested retail price: $169.00

Spring 2013 Vintage SOLD OUT

Amber, gold and honey. Crystals of floating flavor in the light. Earthy nose with cloves. A pleasant effervescent, brown sugar sting along the back of the tongue. Licorice, nutmeg, toasted almond, cloves and cinnamon explode. Lingering finish of cayenne, cocoa and chili powder. First barrels hand-selected by master distiller Donnis Todd. On the rocks for grain flavor but better served straight up.
Suggested retail price: $74.95

Fall 2013 Vintage  SOLD OUT

Nose is Nabisco Nilla wafers drizzled in white chocolate with brown sugar sprinkles. Initial taste of apricot cobbler with gingerbread that slowly develops into cinnamon whole wheat pancakes coated in maple syrup. Clean, cocoa mouthfeel with a spicy finish of masa harina corn tortillas and chili powder. Drop a large cube of ice in this one (yes, we said that) and enjoy.
Suggested retail price: $69.95

Spring 2014 Vintage SOLD OUT

Reminiscent of hot summer days gone by in Hye, Texas. Aroma is dry oak with light traces of cinnamon, peanut butter, apricots and figs. Ticklish top-of-mouth taste revealing toasted butter, orange marmalade and redskin peanuts. Peppery but quick finish with cilantro and pequin chilis. Hot and spicy. If you liked previous Spring Vintages, this one’s for you.
Suggested retail price: $69.95

Fall 2014 Vintage IN STORES NOW

Fruit forward with orange blossom, wildflower honey and lemon merangue. Honey, pears, peaches, and cinnamon-caramel candied pecans.
Rich, smooth and creamy caramel finish. Perhaps the fruitiest, sweetest Garrison Brothers yet. Well balanced, smooth and playful.
 A true joy to drink with an addictive finish.
Suggested retail price: $69.95

Garrison Brothers 2015 Cowboy Bourbon™ SOLD OUT

Superstar Whiskies That Give Us All a Reason To Live

(Nose 23.5) Could be a blueprint for a solid bourbon aroma: beautifully
waxy and nutty with a gathering of ever more intensifying tannins, the spice always well proportioned; (Taste 24) Massive, not exactly Stagg like,
as this has some very helpful sweetness to lessen the impact. And there is obviously less age involved. But, again, the weight and pace of the heavier notes, the citrus-studded hickory, even hints of burnt fruit cake (presumably from the rye) are all set to ensure maximum flavor fulfillment; treacle tinged with ulmo honey. (Finish 24) Now lightens to allow the liquorice and Sumatra coffee to mix and relax; the trea- cle lessens to Demerara and manuka honey; the waves just keep on lapping for a ridiculously long finish; (Balance 24.5)

I always know when I have a truly great whisky on my hands; it takes every ounce of my professionalism to spit it out! This has, and make no mistake, raised the bar for bourbon made by the micro distillers; it is truly world class, three year old or not. In fact the name is a misnomer; there are no cowboys at work here. This is damned tootin’ fine whiskey. Yessiree. 67.5% 5,200 bottles

Jim Murray, 2014 Whisky Bible

Suggested retail price: $199.99

Flagship 2015 Vintage IN STORES NOW

Rich peanut brittle and burnt orange sunrise color. Fragrant fresh cut flowers and grass, rose petals and gardenias on the nose. Sweet rock candy taste: caramel apples, peanut butter and roasted pumpkin seeds. A lasting finish. Polished and refined. Roasted caramel, orange zest, cinnamon, sweet tea and tobacco. Our most mature bourbon yet at a little over three years of age
Suggested retail price: $69.95