Hye Rye

When your distillery is located in a town named Hye, it’s almost inevitable that at some point you’ll introduce a rye-based bourbon. Look for this spicy newcomer, Hye Rye, in future releases, probably around 2018.

Texas Opus

One of the curiosities of working with a legendary antique still is that every so often she produces something unexpected and exceptional. The latest result is the sweetest-tasting white dog you can possibly imagine. Pure ambrosia. The sugar content is exceedingly high, with a taste reminiscent of peppermint-infused sweet tea. For the past few months, we’ve been capturing individual gallons and storing them in glass tanks. Currently, just six barrels are maturing in our barns. We plan to age it longer, at proprietary proofs and fill levels. The working name we’ve adopted for this special bourbon is Texas Opus.

Operation Cadillac

Sorry. We’re going to keep details about this one under our hat.

Garrison Brothers’ Family Reserve

The Scotch and blended whiskey drinkers out there—who might buy into the marketing propaganda that aging whiskey ten, twenty, or fifty years is a requirement for quality—can take heart. We will be holding back a small percentage of each year’s production for longer aging. As time goes on, we’ll introduce small releases of five-, seven-, and ten-year-old bourbon whiskeys. It’s still too early to tell just how good these bottlings will be, but even in their infancy, they are showing signs of extraordinary promise.