If you’re like me, this line is not just sexy because of its alliteration. But -- believe it or not -- thanks to the wisdom of a few Texas legislators, it became legal on September 1, 2013 for us at Garrison Brothers Distillery to sell our bourbon in bulk to Texas food processors and restaurants who might want to use our bourbon in the food they make.

Bourbon barbecue sauce, bourbon-filled chocolates, Texas bourbon-based vanilla ice cream, bourbon pecan pies, bourbon bread, bourbon-marinated smoked beef brisket. The options just make your mouth water. If you make anything like this or you want to, you can now buy bourbon from us buy the case in bulk at a very reasonable price (roughly half the traditional retail cost.)

To qualify with the state, your company needs to obtain a TABC industrial permit. It’s a fairly simple process and the permit costs about $60 per year. The application form is available here and you only need to fill out the sections titled “industrial”: http://www.tabc.state.tx.us/forms/licensing/airline.pdf.

Once you have obtained your permit, please email a copy to bulkbourbon@garrisonbros.com. We’ll then send you our wholesale pricing sheet, purchase order instructions and delivery option information.

If your food products are non-perishable, and we like the way they look and taste, we’d be delighted to sell them in the gift shop at the distillery or at our online Dry Goods Store. We reserve the right to approve or decline packaging designed for this purpose. Additionally, we must require that your products meet all FDA rules regarding packaging and labeling.

Finally, you are welcome to label your products as “made with Texas bourbon.” But since we have a pretty significant stake in our name and our brand -- our reputation is on the line too -- if you intend to use our trademarked name, our trademarked brand or trademarked brand elements on your packaging or promotional materials, we will need to enter into a name and logo licensing agreement. We’ll send you the agreement when you send us your approved TABC industrial permit.

For any other questions regarding our Buying Bourbon in Bulk program, please email them to bulkbourbon@garrisonbros.com.