Believe it or not, here at Garrison Brothers in Hye, we have little knowledge about what bars, hotels and restaurants serve our bourbon. The only time we know is when a bartender or bar owner tells us. When they do, my crew and I go there and DRINK THEM DRY as a way of saying thanks! The reason is that bars must legally buy liquor from retail stores. But retail stores don’t like sharing this information with distributors or makers because they fear we might try to sell our spirits directly to the bars, thus cutting them out of the equation. It’s a stupid “turf war” thing.

But since bourbon drinkers ask us almost every day where they can go drink Garrison Brothers, we’d sure as hell like to know who’s serving it.

So, we’d like your help. This month we are launching a promotion called BOURBON BEHIND BARS. We are asking you to send us a picture EVERY time you see a bottle of Garrison Brothers behind a bar. At the end of October 2013, the Facebook or Instagram friend who posts the most BOURBON BEHIND BARS sightings wins a private bourbon tasting for them and 24 of their bourbon-drinking friends in their home or at the bar of their choice*. Proprietor Dan Garrison and master distiller Donnis Todd will host the tasting and will provide a wide range of our favorite Garrison Brothers bourbons and Kentucky bourbons for them to enjoy.

How to enter:

When you are out on the town, look for Garrison Brothers Bourbon bottles "behind bars" and take a picture of the bartender and the bottle of Garrison Brothers. Send the picture in Instagram with the hashtags #garrisonbros #bourbonbehindbars. Please give us the name of the bartender and tag the bar in your photo so we can tell them thanks. That's all ya gotta do to enter!

The winner will be announced via our Facebook Page at The only stipulations are:

  • The bourbon tasting date must be mutually agreed upon and must be scheduled with at least three months’ advance notice.
  • All bourbon tasting participants must be 21 years of age and have a valid ID

*Note: If the contest winner chooses to hold the tasting at a bar, Texas state law requires that the bar purchase and serve the bourbon. In this case, we will provide the contest winner with a list of bourbons we recommend for the tasting, and he or she can work with the bar owner or manager directly to arrange the tasting, but we cannot guarantee the bar will order all the bourbons we recommend.